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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Did You Know?

Keeping Tabs on the Codes - Friday, October 04, 2013

Did you know that 4,749 unique sections of code could be affected by bills in 2013? Not only that, but 253 of those sections could be affected by more than one bill!

CapitolTrack has a report called the CA Law Code Index that shows all these code sections, as well as the chapter date, and chapter number of the bill that affects the code.

Some code sections could be affected by multiple bills.

We also compiled a list of the code sections that could be affected by multiple bills.

The Clock is Ticking... - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

 Did you know CapitolTrack has a report that will show you which of your bills is about to fail a legislative deadline?

Create a bill report, and choose to "Sort by" deadline. This is a quick way to see which bills are up against the next deadline, which are further along in the process, and which bills are exempt from deadline rules per Article 4, Section 8(c)(3) of California's Constitution.



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The Latest
Now Introducing - Introduced Bill Count and our New Progress Bar - Thursday, February 27, 2014

 Friday February 21st brought the end of the legislature's window for introducing new bills, with a total of 1939 bills introduced. At CapitolTrack we had an introduction of our own, our new Progress Bar has gone live and is now showing on subscirbers' Bill Information pages.

Enrolled Bill Madness - Is this year unique? - Thursday, August 22, 2013

 As the legislative year wraps up, it can feel like we've reached new levels of bill madness. But is it really any different than previous sessions? We looked at how many bills were enrolled each month in 2009, 2011, and thus far in 2013. Click the graph below to see how each session stacks up.

Check back each week to see how the 2013 number have updated.

It's Suspenseful - Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Senate currently has 256 bills on their Appropriations Suspense file, and the Assembly currently has 328 bills on their Suspense file. 

In general, bills on Appropriation Suspense file are "bills that would have a fiscal impact in any single fiscal year from the General Fund or from private fundsof $50,000 or more." (Per committee rules.)

So we did some quick math: If each bill only appropriated the minimum amount required to be put on Suspense... and all bills were passed... the cost would equal $29.2 million.


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Top 10 Bills
SB 731 Environment: California Environmental Quality Act.
AB 1522 Employment: paid sick days.
AB 39 Energy: conservation: financial assistance.
SB 1156 California Carbon Tax Law of 2014.
SB 848 Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality, and Water Supply Act of 2014.
AB 37 Unemployment insurance: reporting requirements: status of funds.
AB 10 Minimum wage: annual adjustment.
SCA 3 Public information.
SCA 11 Local government: special taxes: voter approval.
AB 515 Environmental quality: California Environmental Quality Act: writ of mandate.

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